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Who We Are

Our team is made jobs hiring near me up of talented individuals with years of experience in this industry with the focus of offering the most satisfied experience, one customer at a time.


Therefore regardless of the scope of the project, we will be with you every step of the journey in arriving at the destination called ” Ultimate Satisfaction”.

At Lifestyle Technology

We at Lifestyle Technology believe that nothing brings a family closer than watching a good movie or listening to a good music together.

We therefore strive in placing greater emphasis to detail, employing only the most innovative and respectable brands in the industry in every unique design.

Our goal for each system is to deliver a beautiful setup with ease of use and also allows for future upgrades as new technologies present themselves.

We believe our attention to detail is ummatched, as we present the promise of technology in your hands to create the practical solution to your lifestyle. We will indeed educate and advise you in making the right decision.

We do not feel that the sale is ‘closed” until you receive lasting satisfaction from your purchase ….. until you honestly feel that you have received full value for every dollar spent! In short we look on our business as a long pull proposition.


Automation Technology, we believe should simplify your life and not complicate it. At Lifestyle Technology,
we love what we do especially when we see the added convenience our systems give to our clients.


It’s simply a guaranteed peace of mind knowing with a simple press of a button, all the lights throughout the
home are turned on, the shades are lowered and every lock is secured.

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Our Trusted Brands

With Lifestyle Technology, excellence in workmanship is paramount – Using reputable brands that
reflect quality, performance and pride of ownership is our only way of doing business.

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