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A decade and a half in this industry has taught
us a useful lesson

Sterling service using great products which guarantee satisfaction and pride of ownership
is the only way we do business.You will therefore find great satisfaction
with our merchandise and project execution. We truly care.

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A warm room on a coll night.
smart shades that open to the
nighttime sky. Just the right

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The home theater you’ve always
imagined. A sound system that
fills your home with music. It’s

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Complete control means complete
peace of mind. Knowing all it takes
is the touch of a button and your

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Our team is made up of talented individuals

With years of experience in this industry with the focus of offering the most satisfied experience, one customer at a time.

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Automation Technology, we believe should simplify your
life and not complicate it.

At Lifestyle Technology, we love what we do especially when we see the added convenience our systems give to our clients.

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At Lifestyle Technology

Whether you are deliberating on the right lighting and environment technology, or trying to resolve a complex installation issue, or interested in having that fabulous and practical home automation technology which offers a seamless, harmonized integration of your whole house audio and video, home theater, climate and lighting and more, we believe we can help you.

At Lifestyle Technology we take your dreams about Home Automation systems and turn them into reality by employing innovating technology to simplify and enhance your lifestyle. Our philosophy is to create incredibly beautiful systems that reflect your unique tastes, personalities and lifestyles. Each and every client of ours is given the very best personalized service by our dedicated team of professional system designers. We pride ourselves on our high integrity, dedication, unmatched service, quality of execution and always guarantee your satisfaction.

Our Trusted Brands

With Lifestyle Technology, excellence in workmanship is paramount – Using reputable brands that
reflect quality, performance and pride of ownership is our only way of doing business.

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